722 Tour - the luxury Mille Miglia tour experience

Bugatti at speed during the 2017 Mille Miglia

PROVISIONAL dates: Monday 13th to Sunday 19th May 2019

Below are just a small selection of some of our recent photos from Mille Miglia tours. All images (c) Simon Benson / motorracinghospitality.com Ltd.

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Alfa through Brescia
Ferrari heading for the 'sealing ceremony' prior to the event start
Mercedes Benz 300SLR before the start, at the Fiera in Brescia
Bugatti at the signing ceremony in Brescia
Cars are held overnight at the Fiera
Get up close with the cars of the Mille Miglia
Visit the Lamborghini museum and factory
Stunning private car collections features Maserati race and road cars
Modern race cars sit alongside older Maserati racers
Our guests then get to drive through Maranello
Experience a Ferrari test drive around the streets of Maranello
Guided tour at the Museo Ferrari included
Take a trip across the lake
Private boatyard tour
Stunning detail everywhere you look
Beautiful Lake Iseo from the Hotel RivaLago
Drinks on the terrace
Dinner in the covered outdoor restaurant
The class of 2018
Bentley raditator detail
Jaguar XK in Piazza Loggia
Guests viewing from our proviledged via above the action
Alfa at speed in Piazza Loggia
Porsche heads through the square
Cyclists await the passage of the cars
Stunning scenery as we head to the Appenine Mountains
Beautiful buildings surround us
An unsusual tasting - and education!
A visit to Maranello is included
Guests enjoy a guided tour of the Ferrari museum
Road and race cars await
Experience a Ferrari on the roads around Maranello
Head out with an instructor
2 and 4 seater cars available
Supercars at Lamborghini
No cameras in the factory - but plenty in the museum
The Lamborghini museum frequently changes its displays
Parma is traditionally the end of the longest day
Cars arrive from around 9pm onwards
The town turns out to welcome the cars
Roads are lined with cheering crowds
It's not all sports cars!
Gullwing party trick